Community Pool Information


Address: 401 Logan Avenue North Hills, PA 19038

From Saturday, June 17 to Monday, September 4, this public facility will be open from 1p-6p on weekdays (Wednesday through Friday) and 1p-8p on weekends/holidays. The pool will be open weekends only beginning the week of August 21. The pool is closed on during inclement weather. 

Pool guards are certified in Lifeguarding, CPR and First Aid. Children under 12 must be supervised by a friend or family member aged 16+ years. 

Summer Camps must pre-register with the UDP&R office by calling (215) 643-1600 x3238. Private groups/parties (10 or more people) must make arrangements with the pool managers by calling 215-643-1600 x3236 after the pool opens for the season.

Bathing suits are required. For those not potty-trained, please use swim diapers. Please bring towels and wear shoes or sandals to and from the facility. Changing areas, showers and restrooms are 

This is a NO-SMOKING PERMITTED property as per ordinance #1102, dated December 10, 2002 and as per ordinance #1200, dated April 8, 2008.


Fee Schedule


Ages 0-2 years: Free

Ages 3-15 years: $1R/$3NR

Ages 16+ years: $2R/$6NR

Weekends & Holidays

Ages 0-2 years: Free

Ages 3-15 years: $2R/$6NR

Ages 16+ years: $4R/$8NR