Trips/Ticket Information

General Notes Concerning All Trips


1. All ages are invited to travel with UDP&R. However, children under 16 years of age must travel with a friend or family    member 16 years of age or older. Those 16 or 17 years of age not accompanied by an adult must travel with a peer 16 years or older. Special Note: Buses may not be equipped with seat belts.

2. Cancellation policy:

Please refer to printed Cancellation, Transfer & Refund policy in the current UDP&R Leisure Guide for the most current information.  


· Refunds are not possible once UDP&R has ordered tickets.

. for TRIPS

· Cancellation 30 days+ before a trip is without penalty.*

· Cancellation less than 30 days before a trip is without penalty* if the seat(s) is (are) resold.

· Refunds are not possible for a non-resold seat(s). Refunds are not possible for "no shows" on the day of a trip or cancellation after the close of business the business day before.

3. Seats on the bus are assigned in order of registration date. Arriving at the Township Building early the morning of a trip does not change your bus seat assignment. Seat assignments will be given to you at check-in.

4. Whenever possible, seats in theaters or arenas are assigned by department staff to accommodate defined group requests while working with the specific rows/seats provided by the theater.

5. Unless noted, transportation is by deluxe climate controlled motor coach equipped with lavatory. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted on buses.

6. Drop off locations are subject to change.

7. Non-resident passengers are charged at least $5 more regardless of who purchases the ticket.

8. Participants will receive a mailing from UDP&R at least one week before an excursion that includes a trip itinerary and a Hold Harmless form. The HH form requests information about passengers. This form must be completed, signed and returned to UDP&R by the time of trip departure.

9. Wait lists are date and trip specific.

10. A modest driver tip is included in the cost of each trip.

*PLEASE NOTE:  A $10 per person session administration fee is deducted from any refund issued when the participant cancels or transfers.