The Upper Dublin Shade Tree Commission (“STC”) recognizes that the Hurricane Ida Tornado destroyed the magnificent tree canopy in your neighborhood.   We believe it essential to the character of your neighborhood to replace lost trees, and to seize other opportunities to plant trees.

Because of a special grant, the STC is able to offer, without charge, shade trees for front yard planting for properties affected by the tornado in the area bounded by Bethlehem Pike, Loch Alsh Avenue, Fort Washington Avenue, and Pennsylvania Avenue.    As specified by the donor, excluded from this program are the Stuart Creek development (which is not ready for a replant) and Elliger Park (which already enjoyed a significant replant.)  Side yards that have street frontage will also be considered.  These trees will have the following characteristics:         

          Size—Subject to availability, we anticipate that the trees will be approximately 2 to 2-1/2” trunk diameter at about 4 1/2’ above ground.
          Species—STC has selected many species native to this area.  You may select from among the following, subject to availability:  American Elm, American Linden, Black Gum, Burr Oak, London Plane, Red Maple, River Birch, Silver Linden, Swamp White Oak, Honey Locust.          
          Planting—STC will arrange to install the tree.  We will notify you as to an anticipated planting date.  You must mark the location in your yard, subject to STC review and approval.
          Timing—We anticipate planting between late March and early April, 2022.  We anticipate being able to plant about 100 trees at this time.  If demand exceeds this #, some plantings will be deferred to Fall 2022, or perhaps 2023. Sites selected for the initial 2022 planting will be grouped by proximity to each other, to maximize efficiency in crew movement.

We hope to honor all requests, subject to location suitability and funding constraints.  If you would like to have a new tree in your front yard, register on the UDP&R website:,  promptly after you receive this letter and no later than January 24, 2022.  Within a few weeks after all requests have been received, we will check out your site and contact you with further information.



Shade Tree Grant Program

Shade Tree Grant Program
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