10/9/21 Adopt-a-Tree Program

We are moving forward with the scheduled 10/9/21 Adopt-a-Tree Program. We are greatly increasing the number of trees that will be available. Details on numbers are still being worked out.

Many received an email or other communication from the Township about the program, tried to register, and found the link not working. My apologies for the inconvenience. Those communications were programmed to be sent before the storm hit on 9/1/21. The Township Building was heavily damaged by Hurricane Ida. It likely will be out of service for a year. Staff is relocating (see temporary address below), trying to re-establish phones and other communications links, and generally getting back up and running. 

Some have asked about the ability to obtain more than one tree. In the past, we have limited adoptions to one per address. At least initially, we need to maintain that policy. However, we are working to increase our tree order substantially. After we know how many trees we can get, and orders from residents are received, we will make any excess available for multiple adoptions. 

General Tree Replacement Planting

Some have asked about replacement planting more generally—beyond the 10/9/21 Adopt program. Mindful of the STC’s limited capacity and resources, over time we will be discussing with Township officials how we can help move towards a restoration of our lovely treescape.


Many have asked about making donations to support the Adopt-a-Tree Program specifically or tree replenishment generally. As you know, Upper Dublin suffered a tremendous loss of trees because of Hurricane Ida. Donations are always appreciated and we are grateful for the extra support at this time.

For the “Adopt” program, you can donate by credit card when you register online by clicking this link, TREE ADOPTION.

For donations generally to support tree replenishment, you may donate by check. Please make checks payable to “Upper Dublin Township” and mail to:

Upper Dublin Township at Commerce

370 Commerce Drive

Fort Washington PA 19034


Thank you again for your support, and apologies for the inconvenience.

Steve Stone Chairman – Upper Dublin Shade Tree Commission

ADA Accessibility:  We recognize the importance of recreation for everyone.  To the best of our ability, we will adapt our parks, programs, trips and special events to make them accessible to persons with special needs. Please indicate at the time of program registration how we can accommodate your needs.  We will extend every effort to reasonably accommodate valid requests.