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Park Poker Challenge​

Will you find a royal flush, full house, three of a kind or a pair before June 24th? During the month of June, 52 playing cards will be hidden throughout Upper Dublin’s park system and your challenge is to put together the best 5-card poker hand. Prior poker knowledge is not necessary.

Here is how it works:

  • -52 playing cards of various sizes have been hidden in Upper Dublin Parks and other Township facilities.  Each card has a green sticker on it identifying it as an official Park Poker Challenge card.
  • -Playing cards are not to be taken from their location.  Participants should simply snap a photo of themselves (selfie) with each playing card.
  • -Prior to June 24th, participants should post their best 5-card poker hand to UDP&R’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page (photos should be posted together).
  • -One 5-card poker hand may be submitted per person.
  • -The top prize of $50 cash will be awarded to the person with the best hand.  In the event of a tie for the best hand, the person who submitted the best hand first will be win.
  • -Other prizes will be raffled off for those that also submit a hand but do not have the best hand.


    Cards will be placed in locations throughout Upper Dublin Township and locations will be posted on Friday, June 15th

ADA Accessibility:  We recognize the importance of recreation for everyone.  To the best of our ability, we will adapt our parks, programs, trips and special events to make them accessible to persons with special needs. Please indicate at the time of program registration how we can accommodate your needs.  We will extend every effort to reasonably accommodate valid requests.